Flexible Packaging

Howa Sangyo's products play an active role in a wide variety of familiar situations.

Howa Sangyo manufactures and sells Flexible Packaging such as plastic films, as well as creating and proposing package designs tailored to daily life for food products found in stores, medical instruments, and more.

Special shaped pouches

変形特殊袋 These pouches are designed to suit the shape of their contents and application, and then manufactured on dedicated machinery These are used in packaging for items such as rice balls, sandwiches, sweets, etc. Extra features such as “easy-opening” or “visual appeal when displayed on store” or “extra shelf life” can also be added. As well as plastic film, paper and non-woven fabrics can also be combined.

Center sealed bags

合掌袋 These bags have an adhesive back sealed section (butt-seam)After the film is sealed into a cylindrical shape, the end section is also sealed. This using a smaller surface area of film, and is thus more economical. These bags can be prepared for use in advance, or can be used to form bag packaging on the spot from continuous rolls of film.
These bags are widely used for general foods, including snack foods.

Three-sided sealed bags

三方袋 These bags are sealed on three sides for superior sealing performanceThese are used for bags of ice, food retort pouches, and similar.
Since the sealed sections are flat, these bags offer better sealing performance and are often used for prevent leakage of liquids and long-life food packaging. Zip-lock sections can also be attached to add a resealing function.

Gusseted bags

ガゼット袋 This shape enables the packaging to hold bulkier contents This type of bag usually adds a gusset to the side surface of center sealed bags to serve as packaging for bulky items. Often used for individually packaged food sachets or food packaging with inbuilt trays etc. Bags designed to hold a single loaf of bread are sometimes known as bottom gusset bags.

Standing pouches

スタンディングパウチ These free-standing pouches offer excellent sealing performanceThis shape is a variation on the three-sided bag.
Adding a gusset on the lower side enables the pouch to stand up, in addition to the excellent sealing performance of a three-sided bag. These are used for refill pouches, retort food items, and similar.
Zip-lock sections can also be attached to add a resealing function.

Thomson die-cut

トムソン These are bags of outstanding design By trimming around the bag with a blade, a pouch of any shape can be manufactured. Not only do these bags look visually distinctive on store shelves due to their unique shapes, but features such as “easy-to-hold,” “tear-resistant,” or “easy-to-pour” can also be added.
They can also be made free-standing by adding a gusset at the bottom, or a resealing function can be added by attaching a zip-lock section.
These are used for packaging for shampoo and conditioner refill packs, flour bags, souvenirs, and more.

Roll label

ロールラベル These label attached to containers are often used for beverage PET bottlesOur use of thinner, cheaper materials than for conventional shrink labels and stretch labels as well as simpler manufacturing contributes to reducing product costs. Howa Sangyo has a strong record of success based around beverage packaging.